El Paraíso

For diverse cultures over the centuries, gardens have represented the idea of Paradise, the myth of an ideal place, a place by itself, away from violence, knowledge and conscience.

The garden is a utopian and unreal space, a symbol of what is misleading and artificial, where man selects, controls and arranges a nature made to his measure.

El Paraíso is a biased and fictional glimpse of reality, in which the garden becomes a strange and oppressive enclosure, that freezes and entraps all that it contains. Photography fragments and deforms the entire garden to represent it as a closed world, an hortus conclusus where dwellers wander aimlessly through a motionless space, where there is no time, lost in the search of Paradise.



The Exhibition


Exhibition view. El Paraíso. Fundació Forvm Tarragona.

Exhibition view. El Paraíso. Lanzadera, CentroCentro Cibeles, Madrid.