Urban decentralization blurs the limits of the city, forcing to restructure roads, highways and infrastructures to adapt to the mobility fluxes of the citizens and be able to connect the city center to the periphery. In these transformations Tarragona is constantly changing its landscape, its boundaries are being modified and the places that were empty now are being built, while others are abandoned. The city no longer has a definite shape with clear limits, it is like an oil stain in the territory that is moving continuously, filling gaps and creating others. The limits of the city become a diffuse city.

With this photographs I propose a wandering discovering the empty places at the outskirts of Tarragona, places that remain between the neighborhood and the city, between infrastructures and industrial areas, between the historical city and commercial centers: vacant lots, ruins, infrastructures, limits, etc.

These are the images that remain in my retina when I move by car through the entry roads of the city and conforms my idea about the identity of Tarragona.